Four features common to Dormy nationwide

Feature1Two managers (a couple) are on duty 24 hours a day

At most of our Dormy facilities, two managers (a couple) with abundant knowledge and experience are on duty for 24 hours a day. (Please note that some facilities have only one person.) Their responsibilities range from property management to administrative measures such as keeping residents’ belongings, taking care of ill residents, etc. We place much value on consideration and a sense of comfortable distance between residents. We will develop an environment where our residents can feel easy about living in an unfamiliar place and focus on their business through our hospitality.

Main responsibility of two manager (a couple)

Security, disaster prevention, facility management

Daily and monthly report

Acceptance of home delivery

Take care of ill residents, inform their companies on behalf of residents

Feature2Provide furnished rooms nationwide and at all buildings

Dormy’s furnished rooms offered nationwide at all buildings reduce the burden on residents at move-in and move-out. Without the need to prepare furniture they will be able to stabilize their lives at an early stage and focus on their business activities easily. Moreover, an advantage of Dormy is that it makes a client’s human resource strategy, such as relocation and transfer, flexible and easy to execute.

Major furnishings and equipment
Air conditioner, lighting apparatus, bed, desks, chairs, closet, bookshelf, table lamp, curtains
(Note) May differ depending on the facility

Bed (Only the bed frame is installed at some facilities)

Desk, chair

Bookshelf, closet

Feature 3Full line-up of common facilities to foster business persons in “a place for communication”

One of the services provided by the employee dormitory is fostering of junior employees. An improvement in cooperativeness and communication capability can be expected through communication between colleagues and senior employees, superiors, and employees of other companies. Increased communication will encourage cooperation among senior and junior staff and eliminate sectionalism among divisions. As the role of employee dormitory is significant with respect to the benefit package and human resource development, Dormy puts considerable effort into developing the common facilities.

Major common facilities
Dining room, public bath, laundry room, private shower, kitchen corner, drying area
(Note) May differ depending on facility

Dining room

Public bath

Laundry room

Feature42 meals a day, breakfast and dinner, prepared by nutritionists.

We consider meals as energy to support daily activities and the basis of a healthy life. Having well-balanced meals at regular intervals will further strengthen cardiorespiratory function and make more fulfilling business activities possible. At Dormy facilities, our dedicated nutritionists prepare 2 meals a day, a nutritiously well-balanced and tasty breakfast and dinner

Example of breakfast

Example of dinner