We provide professional management know-how for dormitories owned by your company

Features of entrustment

This service provides our know-how for not only Dormy’s properties, but also for employee dormitories owned by your company. It includes reception, meal services, cleaning, facility control, and customized responses to client needs. Please feel free to consult us for any inquiries or cost estimates.

Trained professional front staff

The property management business is tasked with ensuring the security and safety of your dormitories. All managers in charge of property management are employees of ours. We also focus on their education and training, providing a dedicated program in 3 steps from group, on-site, and follow-up training. We also make use of manuals that contains our facility control know-how accumulated over more than 30 years to provide secured, full management services.

Daily report on dormitory situation sent on a monthly basis

To understand the situation of your dormitory, you do not have to travel all the way there. We record the status of property management in our daily report to be sent to you on a monthly basis. The daily report contains a variety of information, such as the situation of residents, progress status of requests made by you (distribution of materials, transmission of important notes), enabling you to easily understand the events that occurred in the month.

Home-made meals prepared by cooks under exclusive contract to Dormy based on the recipes by nutritionists.

Providing tasty meals which make you feel good and smile every day is a principle of our services. A daily menu is prepared by our nutritionist, who focuses on necessary nutritional balance and taste. Our menu rotation based on seasons will allow your residents to enjoy exciting, seasonal tastes.
We place great value on meals served at a proper temperature—“hot meals while hot, cold meals as cold” —to make your residents enjoy home-made meals in a homey, relaxed atmosphere. Meals are home-made individually by cooks under exclusive contract to Dormy who meet with residents on a daily basis, instead of being cooked in the central kitchen of a feeding center. The home-made tastes and feeling of security are well-received by residents.

Ensure safety and security with daily control and 24-hour on-duty caretakers.

Maintaining a living environment that is safe and secure is necessary to ensure that the residents are comfortable. To ensure the safety of properties and facilities as long as possible, we maintain and inspect common facilities and fix and adjust them if necessary. We prepare monthly reports on management status to notify our clients. We also report on utility status and necessary expenses to repair them and proposals to fix newly detected defects, so clients who live far from the property can feel at ease.

Maintain a clean environment through daily and periodical cleaning

It is an important mission of property management to keep the property clean at all times. We provide cleaning services for facilities such as large baths and lavatories that require daily cleaning, as well as large-scale cleaning to be conducted periodically, such as waxing and glass cleaning. Our daily report contains information on such daily and periodical cleaning.

24-hour emergency call center

We have a 24-hour emergency call center to respond to assumed emergency cases. Our dedicated staff members are stationed 24 hours a day to follow up on emergency calls. As soon as a call from a property is received, we make a prompt judgment, rush to the scene if necessary, and notify our client promptly.