Single room plan

You can use employee dormitories with meal services on a one-room, monthly basis.

Features of single room plan

Dormy is a service that can respond to wide-raging needs, offering dormitories for bachelors, employees transferred without local family, or as a temporary residence for training. The dormitories can be also used for dispatch to remote areas, or on a temporary basis for long business trips.

Optimized employee dormitory from a single-room basis

Dormy’s “single room plan” allows you to rent the necessary number of rooms instead of “owning” an employee dormitory. We provide high-quality services, such as tailored care for residents and fine meals by taking advantage of know-how accumulated through the development of employee dormitories for many clients and the scaling up of our business nationwide.

Flexible use to improve the mobility of human resource management.

Dormy has locations extending across major cities in Japan, and can prepare employee dormitories for our clients when and where they are in need. We support various business activities and improve the mobility of your human resource strategy by flexibly responding to wide-ranging needs, such as sudden personnel relocation and recruitment of college graduates, training, and long business trips.

Long-term, monthly use depending on the period required

You can select from 2 period plans.

Long-term use

You can use Dormy’s plan on a room basis and secure rooms for a certain period of time for the purpose of fulfillment of benefit package as bachelors’ dormitories and dormitories for employees to be transferred without family. We also respond to needs such as change of residents during the term and change of rooms to a more convenient location based on new transfer destinations in a flexible and speedy manner. Our flexibility will work effectively for your human resource practices, such as sudden personnel transfer and mid-term transfer to remote locations.

Monthly plan

You can use Dormy’s plan on a monthly and single room basis. (Note) No expenses associated with moving in or out, such as contract money and renewal fees, are required, making the plan suitable for long business trips and accommodation for new employee training. It can be used far more easily than ordinary rental housing, and is far more reasonable than accommodations such as business hotels, if you include meal expenses. (Note) If the period exceeds one month, you can extend it on a day-to-day basis.