You can solve human resource issues and improve the efficiency of property management simultaneously.

It can be comprehensively used for recruitment, personnel transfer, long-term business trips, training, etc.

Dormy’s furnished employee dormitories with meal services offered nationwide and at all buildings allow employees to start a new business life from the day they move in with only carry-on baggage. It allows you to arrange accommodations for new recruitment, sudden personnel transfer, transfer without family, long business trips, and training in a swift manner and will improve the business efficiency of your company by enhancing the mobility of your human resource strategy.

Human resource strategies whose efficiency can be improved by introduction of Dormy

New recruits in local regions

Transfer without family

Dormitory for women

Sudden personnel transfer

Long business trips


Can change residents without additional fees (long-term contract)

To change residents, simply fill out our designated form to send it to us by Fax. No extra charges or complicated procedures are required.

Only one fax completes the process

Simple transfer across Japan (Long-term use)

From Hokkaido to Kyushu, across Japan, transfer to any Dormy dormitory in major cities. It only requires the cost of restoration to original state and the difference in fee amount between them, keeping your costs to a minimum.

You do not have to find a room from scratch

You can choose whether the cost is borne by the resident or your company (long-term use)

We charge you for room use on a monthly basis (The amount differs depending on the property; for detailed information, please contact us). We may charge you in a lump sum or the resident separately and directly if you wish. You can choose the one that benefits you most in terms of cost, considering your benefit package. If you choose the latter, you will be exempt from “payroll deduction” and account transfer payment will also benefit your residents, as it requires no extra work on their part.

Payment methods available.

Only 3 days advance notice required for move-in (monthly use)

If you become in need of an employee dormitory owing to sudden personnel transfer, Dormy can offer a solution. Only 3 days advance notice is required for move-in. Our “monthly set” includes necessary furniture, home electrical appliances, and living ware, allowing new residents to move in with only carry-on baggage and start a new business life from the day they move in.

Our monthly plan makes accommodation arrangements easy

Monthly fixed charge that makes budget preparation easy, with extension possible on a day-to-day basis (Monthly plan)

Your only cost is the monthly room charge. Each Dormy property also establishes a set price which includes not only the room charge and management fee, but also the charge for furniture, equipment and utilities. There are no initial or additional costs at the time of contract, contract renewal, or at moving-in and moving-out, allowing you to fix your costs, and as a result reduce unexpected welfare expenses.

The plan can be extended on a day-to-day basis (Monthly plan)

For extra use beyond the monthly period, extension is possible on a day-to-day basis and the room charge will be calculated on a per diem basis. There are no renewal charges. You can effectively use the room on a necessary basis as your business requires without bearing extra costs for a vacant room.

Zero cost at move-in and move-out (Monthly plan)

Different from ordinary rentals, as no rent deposit, key money or contract money is required, reducing your initial costs. Moreover, we will not charge you a renovation fee ※ or fees for key exchange at move-out, allowing you to use our dormitory at only the cost of a temporary stay.
※However, in case of significant damage or stains, we will charge additional fees for necessary renovations.