Whole dormitory plan

Employee dormitories are tailored with the professional know-how of whole planning dormitory

Features of whole dormitory plan

We provide tailored employee dormitories to reflect specifications by clients and their management rules by fully utilizing our know-how with regard to employee dormitories. We find land, design, construct, manage, and take care of the entire process.

We offer employee dormitories as your own “place for human resource development”

An employee dormitory as a whole building makes it possible to manage care for residents at your discretion, and establish your own management rules, which is a great merit. It can be effectively used as “a place for human resource development”, instead of being only a part of a benefit package to be provided for new and junior employees. For example, if applying rules to select representatives and leaders from the residents, you can foster awareness of initiatives among them. You can also use dormitories as places to develop corporate culture.

Establishment of own management rules is possible

Common facilities to create a sense of belonging and a feeling of fellowship

The greatest merit of use by whole dormitory plan is that only the employees of the company reside there. The common facilities allow for not only improvement of cooperation and communication skills, but also the development of a sense of belonging to the company through exchange among divisions and communication between senior and junior employees beyond the framework of divisions and seniority can be expected. Other than standard facilities such as a dining room, interaction space and bathroom, we also can construct your facility space in a customized way if you newly construct a building. (e.g.: seminar room, training room)

We can respond to both cases in which clients select an existing Dormy building or develop a new building.

If you consider a dormitory by whole dormitory plan, Kyoritsu Maintenance can respond to both cases in which you select an existing Dormy building or develop a new building. In the former case, it only takes six months at the earliest from contracting the work to move-in. Even in the latter case, it takes about six months at the earliest for property development using secondhand properties, including renovations, and about one and a half years at the earliest for development of a new building.

For developing of a new building, we offer a comprehensive solution, from property finding to management.

When developing a new property from scratch, we start by conducting a detailed interview on the client’s request. We can realize the needs of the client one by one, including location, number of rooms, room type, a choice of with/without public space, and the content of the options, based on our employee dormitory know-how. We also accept orders in a comprehensive manner, from finding land and buildings, construction of buildings, and management of dormitories after completion.

Selection of property, development process

(Example1) Flow for utilizing an existing Dormy dormitory

(Example2) Flow for developed property